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Best Computer For Producing Dance Music | Specifications Guide

Computers are the 1# Tool for creating Dance Music.

Needless to say it's the best investment you could make on yourself. Especially if your computer can't keep up with todays standards.

In this article we will discuss the Best Computer For Producing Dance Music.

So Sit Back and Enjoy The Read

Step 1

Desktop Or Laptop

The biggest question we need to answer is if you are going to purchase a Desktop or Laptop.

This is the most important question of all as purchasing a laptop will increase the price, and purchasing a desktop will decrease it.

Choose a laptop if you are a DJ who has regular gigs and will be using it for Traktor or Serrato and still want to produce, or a producer who is rarely at home and will be doing most of your producing on the road. If you are a bedroom producer I heavily recommend a desktop though as it will lower the price range by a lot.

Choose a Desktop if you are doing most of your producing at home, don't DJ Regularly (once a week) and are looking to build a studio. Building a studio will need a powerful desktop to run everything.

Step 2


Choosing PC or Mac is like choosing to purchase a luxury car or a standard car. PC will be a lot less expensive while Macs will run you upwards of 1,500+.

Below I will Provide the Pros and Cons for both and you can decide which one you want.


Pros: Cheaper, Variety in style, Customization Options, Upgrade Individual Parts.

Cons: Not built well, not as reliable, don't look as nice as MACS.


Pros: Good Reliability, Good Insurance Coverage, Look nice, built well.

Cons:Pricey$$$, Can't Upgrade Individual Parts Easily, No Customization, and PRICEY!!!!

I recommend you guys go with Windows PC if you are on a price range and want more bang for your buck.

If you want a MAC go for it if you can afford it but like I said it's like a Luxury car has the same features as a car but it just looks nicer.

Step 3

How Much Ram Do You Need?

RAM stands for “Random Access Memory” and it is a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly, hence the name. What it does is that every time you run a program such as Ableton or the Internet browser, it pulls it from the hard drive into the RAM. The reason behind it is that reading the data from the RAM is much faster and efficient as opposed to being read from the hard drive. In essence, the more RAM your computer has the more data can be loaded from the hard drive and into the RAM making your computer seem to run faster.

So how much ram do you need?

I recommend going for 16 gigs of ram if you find yourself using 8+ instances of Synthesizers and want the best you can possibly get.

The minimum requirement for this would have to be 8 GIGS OF RAM as programs are becoming more CPU and ram intensive and in a couple of years you might feel the need to upgrade to 16.

Step 4


Computer Processing Unit will be one of the most important things on this list. Pretty much it's gonna be the legs to moving everything in your computer. This is where you don't want to skimp out.

I recommend easily I7 Processor and Minimum Requirement I5 Processor.

The processor is the heart of your computer and with a slow one you won't get far even with a lot of ram.

Step 5

Graphics Card and Audio Cards

The graphics card’s primary function is to render an image to your monitor and it does this by translating the data into a signal the monitor can understand. For instance, 3D images, animation, or videos. Many online gamers and video editors place a high importance in graphics card; because the better graphics card the smoother the images are produced in your screen. A music producer will need one, because of the larger display environments.

The graphics card that comes with your stock computers will do however if you plan on using the computer for more than just producing, well thats another story and you might want to upgrade to a higher one.

As for the Audio Card if you are gonna be taking producing seriously you will eventually purchase a set of monitors so don't put much importance as most of the time you will be using an AUDIO Interface and this will bypass a bad audio card.

Step 6


The hard drive will be where your computer will store it's information. If you are using the computer for producing you will easily fill it up if you don't get enough so my recommendation is to get atleast 2TB and my minimum requirement will be 1TB.

Why such a big hard drive?

Well sampling instruments have changed the game of production and in order to use the you need to save the samples somewhere. An orchestral sampler will easily run you 10gigs of ram.

If you are using a mac upgrading to 2TB is just impossible so for Mac users i suggest you purchase an external hard drive like this one.

Step 7


In conclusion if you want the best producing computer then when going out to purchase a computer look for


-I7 Processor

-2 TB Hard Drive

This should be enough to get you a computer that you won't have to upgrade for atlas 10 years.

-Zen World

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