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5 Tips to Brand Yourself as an EDM Producer

As many of you should know by now that it takes more than just creating and uploading your masterpiece online to be noticed. If you want to be noticed you need to stand out from the many other producers who are also creating and uploading their music online. Some producers wear masks to create mystery (I’m looking at you Maala) and while that may work for some it will not work for everyone. I am pretty sure many of you would not want to wear some sort of mask or something uncomfortable on stage then you will have to find something that will suit you.

So how exactly do you create a personal brand for your music? You may be thinking you would need to spend a lot of money on art work or photography sessions. You might be thinking that it must be hard to build you own personal brand. Well it actually is not that hard, BUT it does take a lot of effort and planning. If you are still unsure with what a personal brand is or how to get started here are a couple of tips to help you out:

1. Define Your Brand

In order to define your brand you need to ask yourself what do I want to provide. Do I want to be a producer who provides festival bangers or a producer who provides melodic music. What you choose to brand yourself will be the key in getting it started. Some tips I will give you is try to brand yourself differently than anyone else. For example if you mare making Big Room house a genre that has some key players, why would you try to brand yourself as Mini Hardwell or Mini Blasterjaxx?

Why not find a different approach to the music.

One of my favorite things that I've seen in branding is the introduction of cool animated logos and characters (slushii, marshmellow). One of the things I think that separates these guys from everyone else is there fun and friendly image.


It may sound cliché and you have probably heard this phrase since grade school, but it is true. This is the most important tip I can give you, because no matter how well you fake a personality people will be able to tell (your true colors will show one way or another). For instance, I know Zen World personally and he acts the same in real life as he does on YouTube. Unfortunately, he is nicer online than he is offline. All jokes aside, all you really need is to accept yourself.


Okay, let’s say you have been in the music industry for say 7 years and you are probably thinking you know almost everything. Sorry to break it to you, but you don’t.

Remember, things are always changing and they are changing at a much faster rate (thank you internet). You would need to stay up to date with the latest changes and if you fail to stay relevant all of your effort will be wasted. It also pays to learn new things, develop new skills, and expanding your knowledge even more.

For instance, in our Facebook group you can learn a lot of new skills/knowledge from producers that might be new to the music industry. If you’re not growing, you are stagnating (and that’s bad).

Key tips are to incorporate new styles of music into your own style.

For example Future bass got huge so why not incorporate some of the sounds in your sound. You don't have to fully do a 180 on your brand and stop producing lets say big room house but why not incorporate a future bass breakdown or vocal chops to keep it fresh.


In this digital world not only do you have to worry about how people perceive you personally, but you also need to worry about how people perceive you online as well. After all, we decide whether people are worth our time by swiping right or not.

So if your online presence looks unprofessional you can almost guarantee that people will most likely not even give you a second chance. Our eyes are usually attracted to well attractive things.

Look at your social medias and ask yourself these questions:

-Do all of your social medias have all of your information (no I’m not talking about your social security or bank account number)?

-Does it represent you in the best way possible?

-Does it look professional (e.g professional photography)?

-Are you interacting with others?

5. Remain Consistent

Consistency is key. Keep your social media and marketing materials consistent, because if you upload a different picture icon of yourself in every social media you own it will just cause confusion. By being consistent you make your brand more recognizable. I know it may sound repetitive and boring for you, but just take a look at almost all big music producers they are pretty consistent with what they put up on their websites or social media.

Your music also fairly has to be consistent. Once people know you for something you become their go to person for that. For example When i listen to Blasterjaxx I know what I will get, Fat banging songs that will make me want to dance and workout harder. So remain consistent.

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