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How To Get Signed To Revealed Recordings

Revealed Recordings is one of the most influential labels that has shaped Dance Music. Revealed Recordings host some of the best DJS in the world and has started the careers of many of the Top 100 DJS like Dannic, Dyro, Blasterjaxx, Deorro and Many More.

If you are making Big Room House and melodic Electro House then Revealed Recordings is probably one of the labels you want to get signed too.

The problem is that you don't have a set plan on how to get onto Revealed Recordings or how you are gonna even garner their attention to give you a shot.

In this article we are gonna provide you the tips necessary to get signed and hopefully you draw some new inspiration and techniques to get your music out there.

If you guys are ready to learn how to get signed to Revealed Recordings then lets begin with the first step.

*This Article is for people who are making top class music if your music production isn't on point yet read for reference but don't sent anything but your best work to the labels or the artists*

1. Good Music with A Twist

The first thing you need to have a shot at getting signed to Revealed Recordings is a track that has the same characteristics as a revealed track.

-Catchy Epic Melody Breakdown

-Strong Powerful Drop

-Unique Sound

-Mixed and Mastered Well

If your track fulfills the requirements above then you have a Decent Revealed track. If you have 3 of the top check marked but are missing one, then fix that. You want to send your best work only.

So by this stage you have a good Revealed Style track that would fit the label well. At this point many will just send the track straight to revealed only to never hear back from them. So what went wrong?

Nothing went wrong, labels in the world of Dance Music are constantly bombarded with hundreds of emails a day by aspiring producers who want to get signed, easily your track could of gotten lost in that mess.

Well what can you do?

2. Garner Attention and Get Revealed Record DJS To Notice You/Support You

The biggest thing you can do as an artist sending music to revealed is to send your music with support from DJS who have released on Revealed before or have them send it for you.

You are probably scratching your head at this moment.

How am I gonna get a big DJ to send my track to Revealed?

Easy you garner their attention and support first.

Trust me DJS are happy to help other fellow DJS out if your tracks are up to par. The problem is that the DJS also get bombarded with messages and promos that they get sick and tired of looking through sh!t only to find more sh!t.

If you have an amazing track in your hands it's easier to have a DJ check it out and support it in their podcast than Revealed who probably get more sh!t than they do.

Here is a list of Revealed Recording DJS Promo Emails you can send your music too.




Julian Calor:

Joey Dale:



Sick Individuals :

When you hit these DJS up don't send too much information let them know this is your new track you are a huge fan and would be greatful if they can check it out PERIOD.

Don't tell them your age or how long you've been producing for or a long story on how you first came upon your music as they usually won't bother reading a wall of text.

3. If They Don't Respond Keep Working On Music and Sending Only Your Best Work.

A lot of people don't know Kevu but there number one goal was to get signed to Revealed and they finally did it.

The funny thing is they would send emails constantly trying to get the attention of Blasterjaxx and after 10 songs, they finally received a response from Blasterjaxx saying dope we will support it send us more.

The hardest thing for a producer is that first support, and usually the reason for this is because your producing skills aren't up to par when you think they are.

So keep working hard and sending in only your best work. Do not spam them only send them 1 Track every 2 weeks or 1 month.

Trust me DJS Recognize names and if you spam them you will get blocked, also do not send nothing but your best work.

DJS will block or ban an email if you send them a track that you made when you were only producing for 1 year.

Take your time and hone your craft and come out with a blast.

4. Once supported build a relationship with the DJS.

The best thing that could happen to any DJ is to build a relationship with a world renowned DJ. The thing is when you finally get supported by that one DJ they will usually keep in contact and respond to every song you send because they know you can produce quality content. Just don't ruin that relationship by being unprofessional.

Once you garner a good relationship a lot of DJS if they are fans of your music they will send your music for you to Revealed or bless you with support. The good thing is that finally you will have garnered attention and will have some recognition going to Revealed

5. Submit your track to The Revealed Podcast

One of the finals steps is to submit your track to the Revealed Podcast and get played.

Many tracks get played on podcast but never see the light of day in an official release by Revealed. Why do you think this is?

The reason for this is because the Artist hasn't proven he can produce banger after banger, the song they placed was a placeholder as they couldn't find quality content, and or the track was a remix they can't sign.

It's better to go into Revealed with a resume than go in without.

You can send tracks to Revealed without having any support but this is gonna be a long shot.

Usually if your track is played on the Revealed Podcast and is good with DJ support you will get asked to sign however if your track is still not getting signed keep sending music in.

6. Sign The Contract

By these stages you should have enough under your belt to get signed to Revealed so keep trying only sending your best work in until they finally offer to sign you.

Remember you only fail when you give up and don't try again. Sometimes you might have amazing music that Revealed hears but they want to see that you can keep sending them good stuff.

When you sign with Revealed you join a family of producers and DJS who always have home they can come back to release with. Revealed Recordings just wants to make sure you are gonna be able to keep releasing banger after banger.


These are my thoughts based on seeing 2 of my students and followers on my Zen World channel achieve getting their tracks signed to Revealed Recordings.

This is only 1 of many strategies you can decide to follow but the rest is up to you

to forge your path and succeed in getting a track signed to Revealed Recordings.

-Zen World

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