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How To Get Inspired To Make EDM Music

You have had a long day. Perhaps you have another job other than creating EDM music, dealing with people or other draining tasks. You come home and feel ready to create some new EDM music.

Thirty minutes pass..........

An hour...............

Yet you can’t seem to come up with anything because it just doesn’t feel right. After moments of frustration you feel that watching some TV may be the best option, after all creating new sounds can wait.

Maybe another day will come with the right amount of inspiration to produce your EDM tracks.

It happens to the best of the best from occasion to occasion. Many know it as “artist’s block,” and it is a real issue in all disciplines, be it art, dance, writing, and of course, music.

So how can you as an EDM producer overcome this dreaded dilemma?

Well the answer is different for everyone, and what may work for me may not work for you.

Nonetheless, I am going to share with you some of the things that work for me and some other things that friends have coined as their solutions. Give a couple of them a try, and the ones that do work make sure to save for future reference

Small Breaks

Consider taking a small break. It doesn’t have to be weeks, but consider taking a day or two to clear your mind. Hit the refresh button, and your EDM tracks may thank you for it. Taking a break helps because it clears your mind from the usual grind of trying to create a track every single day. Just be careful not to go on a permanent break.

Go On A Trip

Take a trip and have some fun. I know we don’t all have the means to go across the globe, but pay a visit somewhere new in your city; a new gelato place or a museum. Taking a trip can get those creative juices flowing.

Check Out Other ART!

Read some literature or look up some paintings. Sometimes other art can greatly influence artists and you never know, maybe that one abstract painting will be the source of inspiration for your next EDM hit.

Go Clubbing (MY FAVORITE)

Have a night out. Go out to a club and hear EDM music on a big system, it can serve as a reminder of how its supposed to sound just don't get too hammered!!

Make Music With A Theme (New Star Wars Movie?)

Pick themes. When starting a new EDM track pick a theme and go from there. This one definitely works as around the time some big movies are released like the hunger games or Star Wars you always seem to get songs with titles inspired by the movies !! KSHMR is a pro at this one.

Clean Your Studio

Clean and organize your workspace. Trust me on this one, the clutter sometimes gets in the way and serves as a distraction. I usually clean my studio once a month and those days after cleaning are my most productive.. I wonder why?

Buy A New Sample Pack Or Sound Bank

Trying out a new genre of music might just be the change you need to get inspired. We currently have 2 megabucks to get you straight into producing G-House and Big Room check them out here

Start A New Track Everyday

Create something every day. This might be a double edged sword but don't you find it awesome how inspired you can get at the beginning of a song only to lose it midway? Try working on new music but make sure to develop your skills in finishing music.

Have A Quick Mixing session

Why did you start making music in the first place? Probably because you saw your favorite DJ Live at a rave or a club. don't be afraid to DJ and imagine playing to a huge crowd. While that may be a bit funny for you it does work trust me ;).

Produce In A New Place

Go out and work in a new place. Take your headphones with you and go downtown, or maybe a park. Point is that being in a different environment can inspire you. Just like Steve Angello once said.... LA Inspires me the vibe here is amazing.. The Layer The Better!


Usually, the hardest part is getting started and once you do it gets a little easier. So don’t get discouraged if your creative process suddenly comes to a stop. Reenergize, just do, have fun with it, and remember why you are creating your EDM music—because you are passionate about it.

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