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How To Make A Piano Like Don Diablo

Don Diablo got ranked the 15th best DJ in the world by the DJ mag and for good reason.

The Don has pioneered a new sound that he has pushed with his label called Hexagon Recordings.

The Hexagon style is a fusion of Future House, Future Bass, and Deep House.

In this tutorial we will show you the sound you need to get the Don Diablo Piano utilized in various Deep House, Future House, and Progressive House songs.

The Don Diablo Piano


The First step is to get a Piano sampler or instrumental vst which you can find in almost any DAW.

Don diablo utilizes a dance piano which can be made easily in Ableton by utilizing some audio effects.

The first thing you want to do is open Abletons Grand Piano which can be found in the Instrument section here. You can also open up any other type of piano in your respective DAW.

After locating the piano in the Instrument rack make sure to open it in a MIDI channel so you can have the plain piano sound.

Having the piano open here you want to add a bit of a hardness and brightness to it so make sure the velocity is set to 100%

Don Diablo is known to have very loud and compressed piano's and that is exactly what you want to do.

The next step is gonna be to utilize a chorus with a high feedback and no rate. This effect will be giving the Piano the metallic sound you heard at the beginning of this video.

The Next Step is to apply a duck on the piano to emphasize the high frequencies more and give it that nice sound. The duck we do also helps in making room for everything else in our mix.

The Last Step will be to over compress the piano so it sounds fully compressed and loud. I recommend utilize X-FERS OTT or the Ableton OTT Preset seen below.


If all the steps are followed correctly you should have a similar piano to the beginning of this video.



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