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Mainstage Revolution

Mainstage Revolution

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The Mainstage Revolution has begun with the anthemic sound of the future.

Have you ever wanted to bring the anthemic sound of the Mainstage label into your productions? 

Well now is your chance with a Serum soundbank, Ableton and FLStudio project files,  and a sample pack.

The Serum soundbank contains over 100 Sounds to help you add a bit of that festival vibe into your future productions while at the same time teaching you how to achieve it yourself. Elevate your sound to the mainstage with driven leads, big basslines, and sequences that will allow you to achieve the sound seamlessly.

The Ableton and FLStudio project files will aid in getting your creative juices flowing by giving you ideas to continue or learn from.  

We finally end this with a sample pack giving you the drums, FX, MIDI, and tools needed to bring your next mainstage track to life.

What You Get In This Pack

- 101 High Quality Presets For Serum 

- 40 Presets For Reveal Sound Spire

-Sample Pack containing Drum Loops, Midi, FX, and Fills.

-MIDI Pack with Rhythm Tools, 

-4 Ableton Project Files and 4 FLSTUDIO Project Files

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