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Fully loaded with more brand-new sounds than ever, the fifth installment of your favorite Tech House SERIES is back to update your library of sounds and fill your studio with instant inspiration. In Deceiver, you will find five construction kits, 200+ Serum Presets, and a full-fledged sample pack to help you make more music. Inspired by a variety of amazing artists like Mau P, Michael Bibi, Walker & Royce, Fisher, Chris Lake, Chris Lorenzo, James Hype, and many more. 

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Deceiver V offers practical Serum apresets based on sounds that have been shown to be effective.

The worst feeling in the world is investing in sounds that you can't find a use for in your music.  In order to make sure the soundbanks in Deceiver will make it into your music we've based each sound on proven-to-work tracks. We also scoured the internet for unreleased IDS to create sounds based on the upcoming releases for 2023.

For example, we referenced DOM Dollas Miracle Maker where he utilizes a very heavy, rave-based sound in his breakdown and has been killing it in sets. We emulated the sound 100% then add variations through the mods to allow you to use the patch with your own identity.

This process is also used for the Samples where we try to mimic the kick frequency responses and the loops we create. 

I welcome you to check out the previews of the presets to the right and pay attention to how some of them change with time. These are the modulations we've provided for you to automate and create moments in your tracks.

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LD - Get Some Matt
BA - RUH Taiki
PL - Romero RAW
LD - Zof Octaver
LD - Square Pants Ikins
LD - Reese Me Royce
LD - Steel Mami
LD - Over The Top
LD - Pax It Up
LD - Not About You
CH - Caress Me Slowly
LD - Martinez Brothers
LD - Brass Shots
LD - Acid Swampy
LD - Back To 2013
CH - Miracles
BA - Georgio Manly
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Future Rave Soundbank Modulations

Useful Modulations

Presets Will contain modulations that will aid you in creating moments in your tracks. Feel the difference

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EvoSounds House Kick - Kalavera
EvoSounds House Kick - MadonnaIsh
EvoSounds House Kick - Artifacted
EvoSounds House Electric -DJ Sketcherzz
EvoSounds House OH - Deliciously

Over 2.3 Gigs Of SAMPLES

Deceiver 5 will contain everything you need to create your next Tech House hit.

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Used By

The Deceiver series has been used by artists like  Westend, Wade, Tube and Merger, James Hype, Deeper Purpose, DJEAU, Millean, and many more 


EvoSounds House Misc FX Loop -Inside Your Mumzz- 128
EvoSounds House Uplifters - SH Noise- 16 Bars
EvoSounds House Uplifters - Walmarts Surprise - 8 Bars
EvoSounds Impacts - My wife iN THE IMPACT
EvoSounds House Misc FX Loop -Gated SUNS- 128


EvoSounds House - Vocal - Voodoo Man - 128bpm Fm
EvoSounds House - Vocal -Chick Pleaser - 126bpm Dbm
EvoSounds House - Vocal - Por Tu Amor - 128bpm
EvoSounds House Vocals - We ALL Want Latinas CORNY 127BPM
EvoSounds House - Vocal - Que Significa - 128bpm .wav

Royalty Free Samples

100% Royalty Free Samples for you to use in your music without any worries. If we sampled a vocal we will let you know. 

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Construction Kits 

A total of 5 Construction kits have been created to help with the start of a song.