The sound of your next adventure awaits you with Exploration, your next Serum soundset. Exploration contains 115 presets ranging from analog leads, basslines, pads, and plucks. If you are looking for a companion to help you make chill Deep House and Progressive House look no further.

Exploration Demo - Evolution Of Sound

The Sound Of Your Next Adventure


Exploration is a Serum soundset with 120 presets inspired by the new sound of deep progressive house. We referenced a bunch of tracks from artist like Lane 8, Yotto, Anderholm, Marsh, Stan Kolev, and many more artist to create a well-rounded soundset .

  In this soundset, you will find analog styled leads to create catchy melodies and arpeggios that will set your listeners into a trance-like state. Basslines designed to fit this style with plenty of reese basslines to choose from and groove-oriented basslines for those looking to create something more upbeat. To finish this pack off we also designed different pads and plucks to choose from to get a complete selection of presets to aid you in your journey.

If you are a looking for Serum soundset oriented in helping you create mellow progressive driven tracks then you have found the right soundset for you. 

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PL - The Russian

LD - Swallow Nest


BA - Swallow Boom

PL - Ajna

LD - Topanga

LD - Brassy Times

BA - Prophetic

PD - Pismo

LD - Run

LD - Bluebirdie

BA - 7TH Heaven

PD - Nostalgia

LD - Rainforest

LD - Be Somebody

BA - More Reese With

LD - Warm Saws

LD - Little Voices

BA - Top 7ths

BA - Moogy Reese

LD - U

LD - Lush Fantasy

BA - Starnova

BA - Other World



Explore A World Of Beauty and Chill.

  • 120  Serum Presets For Deep House and Chill Progressive House.

  • Join us on a journey of sound through beautiful lush leads, and relaxing sounds for your next track.

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