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Get Better G House Drops Instantly| Free Download

This is not a click bait title this is 100% real and I will show you how.

Getting Better G House Drops instantly is done by 1 simple step and that is having better rhythm.

Most of the G-House sounds that can be heard by big artist like Malaa, Dombresky, Brohug, Tchami, and many more utilize similar rhythms in almost all of their tracks,

You may be asking yourselves right now

"well if they utilize the same rhythm why don't their songs sound the same?"

The answer to that question is because rhythm only plays a small role, even though it is one of the more important features of a track. The rest of their tracks are different due to the sounds they picked, the melody being played, the vocals used, and the arrangement.

The main thing however is gonna be rhythm and the melody that is being played with that rhythm.

In this Video you will learn how to utilize this Bass MIDI Tool we created to instantly get better G-House drops with what we discussed. RHYTHM!

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