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3 Best Monitors For EDM Bedroom Producers

Monitors play a crucial part in any home studio and can make or break it

Why are monitors so important however?

Monitors are important as they are the gateway from the way your EDM music will sound everywhere else.

Picking a wrong monitor can really hurt your production skills as they can give you a bad representation of how your sound is doing in the mix.

This are gonna be my 3 Best Monitors For EDM Bedroom Producers

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Pioneer SDJ50X 150$

Pioneer SDJ50X

Pioneer is a brand that every aspiring DJ knows, especially EDM DJS. Pioneer has been well known for providing high quality mixing equipment. With that being said they are barely getting into the music production market.

Should that steer you away from these beautiful monitors?


The Pioneer SDJ50X are great speakers for people looking for an affordable neutral speaker. Neutral is very important as that is what separates any normal consumer speaker to a Music Producer Monitor.

Some people may be put off by how small they are but you can upgrade to bigger speakers with the Pioneer SDJ80X.

Yamaha HS7 300$


Yamaha’s has been the king of monitors since 1978 when they had the NS10.

Fast forward today and we have the Yamaha HS7 one of the best monitors in the market for any type of producer not just EDM.

The Yamaha HS7 is a monitor that you can't go without as it offers great low end going down to a whopping 43HZ.

Just be careful as the smaller your room the more restrictions you have on getting bigger speakers.

Usually most Bedroom Producers will be fine with 5 Inch speakers but if you feel the need to upgrade to 7-8 inch speakers just be wary.

KRK Rockits G3 250$

This wouldn't be a bed room producer list without the Rockits.

The moment you walk into a room and you spot the Yellow and Black color on someones speakers stands it's 99% probably they have Rockits.

Rockits are a perfect speaker for the average EDM Bedroom producer as they are very balanced and easy to setup. As long as you have an interface that takes 1/4XLR inputs you should be set to go.

Be careful with the rockits however as a lot of people report it gives a sense of BASS energy that isn't there.


This is my 3 top picks for people who are producing music as a hobby or trying to break into the scene.

These monitors don't break the bank and offer the best quality needed to mix and master your own tracks.

Remember speakers are only as good as the room they are put in so if you ever want another way to get the most out of them then Acoustic Treatment is the next step.

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