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X-FER OTT Manual (Unofficial)

If you have been producing for awhile then you have heard of the compressor called OTT.

OTT is a free plugin created by X-FER Records that mimics the Ableton Dynamics preset OTT.

OTT Stands for Over The Top Compression.

As of todays date there is no official manual or guide by X-FER for the OTT.

So we have decided to make our own. In hopes of helping you use it properly.


Where To Download

You can easily download the OTT from X For records website located here

When installing the OTT make sure you install the correct bit version.

If you are running a 64 bit Ableton make sure you install the 64 bit VST.

If you are running 32 bit Ableton make sure you install the 32 Bit VST.



Installation of the OTT is fairly simple.

When prompted to install the VST make sure that you install it inside your plugin folder that is usually set by you in a default location.

AGAIN make sure that you are running the correct version of OTT as it may not appear in Ableton or Flstudio if you installed the wrong bit version.


X-Fer OTT Interface

We have conjured up this image for you guys to guide you through the interface of the X-FER OTT Plugin

Depth: Controls how much of your signal gets routed into X-Fer OTT

Time: Controls the Attack and Release Time rates of The OTT.

Input and Output Gain: Input gain controls the volume of the uncompressed signal going into OTT while Output gain controls the output gain of the compressed signal coming out.

Upward%: Specifies how much upward compression is being applied and how rough it is.

Downward% Specifies how much downward compression is being applied.

H, M,L Knobs: Controls the volumes of the respected frequencies.

Green Box: Is Downward compression and it can be shifted by left clicking to apply more or less of it.

Brown Box: Is Upward Compression " "


What Is Downward and Upward Compression?

Downward compression is the standard compression we all know and have learned to use.

In downward compression when the signal has hit the threshold it is actually reduced in volume.

In Upward Compression it does the total opposite.

In Upward compression when the sound goes below the threshold it is actually boosted in volume.

This visual representation explains it.

As you can see downward compression makes the dynamic range smaller by reducing volume.

Upward compression reduces dynamic range as well but it does it towards to the louder parts of the sound (top).



I have made this video to show you guys examples of how to utilize the OTT for Leads, Bass and Master.

Keep in mind the setting is an EDM Track where it's acceptable to over compress sounds to get the effect. If you are using the OTT for orchestral or dynamic pieces do be a bit gentle with it.



The OTT Plugin by X-FER Records is one of the best compressors right now on the market for EDM PRODUCERS. If you are making music that is meant to be played loud then this compressor is right for you. However, if you are making dynamic music well you might want to skip the OTT and stick to the conventional compressors.


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Butchy Silver
Butchy Silver
Apr 10, 2021

hey i just wanted to say thank you for making this!

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