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Now more than ever, nothing holds more value for producers than good-sounding serum presets. In today's scene, it's not surprising that most top producers utilize high-quality patches to create amazing music. For our 2nd Future Rave Serum soundset, we enlisted the help of Ken Bauer an upcoming Future Rave producer and Label Owner of Future Rave Music. In this soundset, you will find sounds inspired by David Guetta, Morten, Hardwell, A7S, and many more upcoming producers.   

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With this installment, we wanted to create an affordable package for any producer seeking the sound of Future Rave. For this, we enlisted the help of Ken Bauer to help us create and curate a selection of sounds you can trust. In this pack, you will find 60 Serum presets modeled after sounds by David Guetta, Morten, Hardwell, A7S, and of course Ken Bauer.

Use these presets to instill creativity and inspire you to create more music. Utilize the patches as blueprints to create your own Future Rave Leads that will become your signature sound. Finally, know that you are using sounds that are created for you by a producer who has proven himself in the world of dance music. We welcome you to audition previews of your next Future Rave Presets to the right. 



PL - Void
PL - Tension
PL - Noise
LD - They See Me Rolling II
LD - Raver
LD - Permanence II
LD - Permanence I
LD - Noisy
FX - Go Down
LD - Classic
LD - Detuner
LD - Diablo
LD - Analog
CH - Violins
BS - The Ken
BS - Reese Stab
BS - Detroit
BS - Filtering
BS - Filtering II
PL - Stand Out
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Future Rave Soundbank Modulations

Useful Modulations

Automations can make any Future Rave track come alive. The majority of the patches will contain prerouted modulations for you to utilize.

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Useable Sounds

Every pack we create always references proven to work tracks to create a catalog of sound you can trust.

Future Rave With Ken Bauer
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Future Rave Ken Bauer

Curated by Ken Bauer


Ken Bauer is a Future Rave artist with over 5 Million streams and label owner of Future Rave Music

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Future Rave Leads Olly James

Olly James

'amazing sounds in this one! will be using this alot!'

Future Rave Achilles bASS


"These sounds are a great combination of analog, ravey textures with modern sound design. Essential for any Future Rave producer.:

Future Rave Morten Leads

Mark Roma

This sound bank is next level, definitely going to be using it a lot in future productions


What's In The Pack?


- 60 Future Rave Serum presets inspired by David Guetta, Hardwell, Morten, and Ken Bauer

Techno Soundbanks

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