Welcome to your Destination where the world of STMPD awaits you. In collaboration with the Producer School, we have created a massive bass house pack for you to help aid in creating your next club banger.

What's iNSIDE

Inside Destination you will find 110 Serum presets crafted for STMPD styled bass house in the style of Julian Jordan, Seth Hills, Blinders, TV Noise, and many more. 

You will also find an arsenal of samples and project files ready to to inspire you in your next journey.

Destination - TPS X EVO
00:00 / 00:00
LD - Flame
LD - Byte
BA - Viper
BA - Formant
BA - Back To the FUTURE
BA - Don
PL - Don't Stop
PL - Call Me
PL - Beater Boy
LD - Vocal Flute
LD - No Return
LD - Melodicz 3

Serum Presets 

Reese Fill 10 D#Minor 128BPM
Reese Fill 14 Dmin 128BPM.wa
Synth One Shot 19 C Processe
Synth One Shot 30 G#
Bass One Shot 9 D#
Bass One Shot 20 G#
Impact 12
Groove 13
Groove 11
Bang yo Head GmIN
OoOH Baby Cmin I think
Get Jiggy With It

Sample Pack





Project Files




What's inside your next SOUNDBANK

  • 125 Serum Presets For STMPD Style Bass  Music

  • Sample Pack containing drums, Fx, Bass/Synth One-Shots, and Vocals

  • 2 Ableton and Fl Studio Project Files .

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