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How To Get Signed To Hexagon (Don Diablo Label)

Hexagon Future Hous

One of the biggest goals of every producer is to get signed to their favorite label.

If you are looking to get signed to the Hexagon label and receive support from Don Diablo then this article is for you.

These tips have been proven again and again by the followers of Evolution Of Sound. For instance, Curbi, Rudelies, KEVU, Jayden Jaxx,Owen Norton, and many more amazing artist that support our work.

Step 1: Music Is Everything

The most important step in this journey is having music that the label can release that is in their style.

You wouldn't send Dubstep music to a trance label would you?

In the case of Hexagon they release music with these characteristics:

  • Future House

  • Melodic Drops

  • Mystical melodies

  • Deep House Arrangements

  • Energetic Future Drops

  • Piano based drops

  • Heavy Basslines

Make sure that when you send your music it contains some of these characteristics and it presents a new idea as well.

If you need help making this style of music pick up our FREE PROJECT TEMPLATE For Hexagon Style Music.

Step 2: Get Supported By The DJ's Signed To Hexagon

Getting supported by the DJs signed to the label is often overlooked and in our opinion it is one of the best strategies you can do for a chance to get your music released.

I understand waiting for feedback from a DJ is very time consuming, but just have patience and wait.

Getting supported by the DJs of Hexagon instantly increases your chances of getting signed as it gives you a hook for the AR Managers that are so used to having crap send to them.

Who would you rather sign ?

A good producer who has no support or a good producer who has been supported by a Hexagon artist?

The answer is pretty obvious

Here are a couple of emails from some of the DJs who have signed to Hexagon to get you started.

Please make sure to be respectful and only email them once every 2 weeks. As some of them provided their emails respectfully.

Madison Mars



King Arthur

Send him a professional message via Facebook.

Bali Bandits



Only send unreleased music here

Bart B More

Mike Mago

Drop Gun

Got Supported? Send Your Music To Hexagon

Hexagon Poster

Once you have been supported by one of the Hexagon artists it's time to send your music to Hexagon.

Sometimes if your music is good enough the artist might ask the label to check your track out.

This happens more often than you think as DJs know how hard it is for newcomers to get their music heard.

Sending your music to Hexagon is easy as there is one email that it has to go through and that is through Don Diablo himself.

While sending your email make sure to keep it small and filled with details only about the music and a little of who you are.

One of the most annoying things for labels is receiving forwarded emails so please REFRAIN FROM THAT!

Send Hexagon a personalized email on why you enjoy their label and how you have this new idea for them. If you have been supported by some of their talent make sure to also mention it here.

Hexagon Radio Exposure and Rejection

Don Diablo Preset

4 things will happen the moment you send an email to Hexagon and have it reviewed.

The First event will be no response as they heard your song and felt you provided nothing new and they will probably just move on and never remember you. At this point it's wise to rethink your song and why you felt the need to send it in the first place.

The 2nd event that could happen is that you get a response from Hexagon stating that your music is not quite there yet, but to keep sending them more music. This is one of the better outcomes as they believe you have a unique style and you need to fine tune it a bit. At this stage you are almost there so keep working hard.

The 3rd Event is getting your track played on Hexagon Radio. Hexagon radio is ran by the head of the label Don Diablo and a lot of the times they expose your track to the podcast before seeing if you are worth signing. Remember that labels want to see if you can keep making banger after banger. KEVU and Jayden Jaxx both got supported on Hardwell on Air multiple times until they finally got offered a release on revealed recordings.

The 4th Event is getting offered a release on Hexagon. Congratulations you have achieved your goal and have an official release on one of the biggest labels for future house music. What happens from here on?

What Happens Next?

After getting exposure from a release you still have a long journey ahead, but the amazing thing is that you finally have a legit release on a major label. This release will help you land collaborations that will help you cross promote with fellow artist and will allow people to take you more seriously.

If you got rejected then it's pretty obvious you still have a lot of work to do. Remember that you only want to send your best work as this increases the chances of a response from the label.

Sending your worst work will result in getting blocked as labels are getting fed up with people thinking they are ready to release music when they aren't.

Thread carefully with the big labels.


We wish you the best in this journey of revelation as you keep making music and growing as an artist.

Remember Evolution Of Sound will always be here to support you on your journey by providing you top of the notch sounds and tutorials to help you get where you want when it comes to your sound.

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